Heather K.

I was experiencing such bad lower back pain that it was interfering with my sleep. I couldn’t even sit down for an extended period of time, which made work very tough for me since ! have a desk job! had gone to my regular doctor and was prescribed pain killers and tnusc!e relaxers and told tne to take it easy, but not only did the medicine make me feel too out-of-it, it barely helped. One of my coworkers noticed I was in pain and recommended Airrosti. I was able to make an appointment for the same day   I enjoyed the one-on-one  approach  of the treatments  and the attention given to me. To my relief I was told it was okay to stay active during my recovery. After four visits the pain is completely  gone and l have exercises that will help keep the pain away.  I would recommend Airrosti to anyone who is suffering from similar pain.